Mall Walking

Stay Healthy with our Mall Walkers

Every day, over 100 people eagerly arrive at East Hills before the stores open to walk the concourse. To break the monotony of exercising, this group takes advantage of East Hills’ window shopping, easy listening music and consistently comfortable temperature. Mostly, they are moving, talking and socializing with friends in East Hills’ safe environment. Oh, and they’re burning calories at the same time!

How far is it around the inside of East Hills?
1.5 times around equals one mile.

How many calories can I burn while walking? If you walk for 15 minutes, you should burn 70 calories.
If you walk for 30 minutes, you should burn 145 calories.
If you power-walk, you can burn up to 100 calories for every 15 minutes.

What hours is East Hills open to walkers?
Concourse opens at 8:00 am (except holidays)

What is my target heart rate so I can burn the maximum calories during my walk?
Do the calculation below to figure out your target heart rate.

Take 220, subtract your age, and multiply that by 60% and that will give you the minimum %. You want to go as high as 85% and that will give you the high end of your heart rate.

Here’s an example:
220-33 x .60=112
220-33 x .85=158

The example above range is 112-158. So as long as you stay in that range you will be burning calories.

How do I take my heart rate?
To get your heart rate, put your index and middle finger on the inside of your wrist, just below your hand. You should feel a pulse. Or tilt your head back slightly and put your index and middle finger below your jaw, to the right or left of your chin. You should feel a pulse here too. (NOTE: When taking your pulse, never use your thumb as the thumb has its own pulse.)

Count the beats for 10 seconds and then multiply by 6 to get your beats per minute.