Retail Destination:

East Hills is the retail destination for Northwest Missouri, anchored by JCPenney, Dillard’s and Sears and with 50 small shops there is something for everyone. As the only enclosed shopping center in a 50 mile radius, we offer both in-line and common area opportunities to grow your business. The newly created Lifestyle addition and available Pad Sites are the perfect option for tenants with a stand-alone business model. Our short term leasing program is a great way to expand your small business or to test the mall environment. Long term options are also available for established local, regional and national retailers. East Hills prides itself on being able to offer a diverse portfolio of leasing options, let us help you find the ideal location to grow your business.

Shopping Center and Retail Merchandising Leasing

For more information:
Sabrena Housman, General Manager
816-279-5667, ext. 420

Specialty Leasing


  • Cash register area with lockable cabinet and drawer
  • Halogen lights – Glass shelving
  • Eye hooks for security cover
  • Steel kick plate
  • Laminated steel columns
  • 4 sided merchandise presentation
  • State of the art appearance

Holiday Leasing:

Connect with your customers this holiday season. Carts and kiosks available for 6-8 weeks of extra income.

The River:

“The River” is a unique retail space within East Hills Shopping Center intended for short-term leases or pop-up-shops. These spaces, though small and temporary, are intended for companies/individuals to build interest in their product or service. East Hills is proud to be a part of this exclusive and exciting retail experience.

For more information:

Sabrena Housman, General Manager
816-279-5667 Ext. 420

Advertising and Marketing Opportunities

Rent advertising space inside the mall or advertise on our outdoor digital signs.

For more information:

Tyson Huff-Garza, Marketing Director
816-279-5667 Ext. 444